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Mistress Madeline Park

Asian dominatix

BDSM Harrisburg PA


Lets unlock your deepest and darkest desires.  Mistress of feminine secrets and temptress of the dark arts. My imagination, intuition and wicked sense of humor will bring you to your knees. A natural sadist I will enjoy tormenting you physically and psychologically.  A naturally dominate and strong woman with the life experience and carnal knowledge that only a fully formed mature woman can offer.  Your submission to me is an offering to the divine feminine and a key to understanding the deeper forces of your own nature. 

My initiation into the BDSM pro life began at one of the oldest houses of domination in Los Angeles in the early 2000's.  Formerly Lady Laura's and then known as The Dominion.  Sadly now closed, it was an institution. I loved the history and traditional training handed down from woman to woman. Working with Tara Indiana and the ladies of The Den of Iniquity located in Hollywood Los Angeles helped to refine and hone my skills.  I worked independently in Los Angeles as well for over five years. Playing privately I am glad to be back to offer professional domination on the east coast. 




I have short patience for inept men but I can be generous with direction and correction.  I will help you with the discipline you are lacking.  Whipping, OTK spanking, caning and flogging are some of my favorites.  Show me how well you can please me, how much can you take for your Mistress? Ranging from mild to extreme



Formal worship, on your knees. I represent the divine feminine and you will prostrate yourself as an offering to the Goddess. Sacrifice yourself on my altar and be transformed.  No sexual contact.


As a cultured woman with discerning tastes I enjoy the finer things in life.  Beauty treatments, quality clothing and fetish gear, jewelry, travel, good food and my bills are all ways I enjoy being cared for and spoiled by men. Knowing your hard work and resources contribute to my quality of life and overall happiness are an honor I can bestow upon you.  Do you love the feeling of being drained, used and extorted by a beautiful intelligent woman?  


Possibly my favorite addition to any session.  From mild to very extreme.  I will break down your personality, physical nature and assess your lacking mental attributes.  You are my clown to use as the most exquisite form of entertainment. You will be left a puddle of a man and finally understand the uselessness of your existence, save for my entertainment. Public and group and private humiliation sessions are available.


Be my little fly…. As a bit of a spider lady I love encasement and sensory play and deprivation.  You will be helpless under my spell as I weave my web.  Breath play and CBT go well with my favorite meal.



Mild to very extreme. Medical CBT is a favorite hobby of mine.  Stomping, trampling, squishing and kicking in my favorite pair of boots or bare feet bring a smile to my face and a warm fuzzy feeling in my tummy. Vices, clamps, mini whips and other torture devices are also a nice touch. 


A connoisseur of beautiful foot wear, gorgeous strong legs, a naturally beautiful and shapely ass and pretty perfect size 7 feet make me the perfect match for you.  I love beautiful fully fashioned stockings, fishnets and bare feet.  I have a large collection of glorious shoes, lambskin leather boots, Gucci stilettos, black and red leather thigh high boots, big chunky 70s platforms and more…


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