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Mister. We are the weirdos

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

It was the early 2000's in Los Angeles I had been domming for a while at that point and was at that time working at Tara Indiana's Den of Iniquity in Hollywood. It was a beautiful dungeon in a great location in the heart of Hollywood. We had a very interesting cast of characters passing through our doors. One of the special ones who stands out to me was a sissy pain slut I'll refer to as dearest weirdo. He was poor.... Not a good trait for one who prefers to spend his free time in with professional Dominatrixes. The Dungeon already had a wonderful house boy who was one of the best I've come across. But our dear weirdo was tolerated and actually included quite a bit especially at our frequent play parties. He was a small wiry man with a mop of frizzly ginger hair. He dressed in a gender ambiguous way, lots of layers and a bit tattered. He had a worn face and a quiet but frantic energy. He was included and even enjoyed by the mistresses for one reason. He took the most for us. The heaviest corporal punishments, the most demeaning public humiliations. In a room of submissive men he was at the very bottom of the totem pole. Which made him entertaining and enjoyable. We used him a bit as an after thought, a way to show of our skills in public but he wasn't anyone's person plaything. He was always so completely grateful and knew how lucky he was to be in his position.

At this time I had a boyfriend he was good looking heavily tattooed Hollywood fuckboy who liked to please me for the most part. Our relationship was a bit shallow but it was also new. He knew what I did for a living and seemed to accept it although I could sense his subtle resistance underpinning his positive words. One day for some reason I took pity on dear weirdo and allowed him to come and have a quick session of heavy canning with me. As he left my fuckboyfriend passed him on his way in. The look of distain and revulsion was stamped on his face. " Was that your client?!" When I answered yes, he went on a self righteous tirade about how could I let this creepy weirdo into my space and even breath the same air as him. He went on and on for a while. Slowly disgust crept into my heart but it wasn't for our dear weirdo....

I am sure dear weirdo was used to that sort of sentiment. Probably most of his dark lonely life. Women probably never even looked his way unless it was with fear and disgust. The Chads of the world picked on him from elementary into middle age. Somehow this tortured soul, dealt a sorry stack of cards in life had found reason and joy in his existance and not dispite it. There is something honorable about those who not only accept their otherness but find exctasy in it. Fuckboy was dumped shortly thereafter and Ive prefer to keep company with my darling weirdos since!!

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