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Every girl needs a good doormat

I met my personal slave doormat only this year. He is a rather small fragile looking little man with dark skin and big doe eyes. His demeanor is perfect for a doormat. Polite, eager to please and very dedicated. One would never guess how durable my little doormat is!! His dick which is not good for use as a sexual appendage is perfect for trampling upon. He also purchase

d a pretty pair of studded high heals that I like to walk all over him with. They are nasty and sharp!! I am amazed how I can stand with my full weight on his rather large but useless dick in my heels at that! He is a special loser in my stable. He also bares some permanent marks from my heels in his stomach. They've been there for several months and I hope they don't ever go away. I have some fun videos of me stomping squishing and stabbing my poor pathetic doormat into the floor with a variety of my favorite shoes. We did experiment recently with my newest pair of platform sneakers which I thoroughly enjoyed as he can take me jumping on him for a longer period of time. You can subscribe to my loyal fans account to see more of me and NJfinestsub aka my doormat.

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